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A man touching his scalp and hair. Hair loss treatment for men in Montreal

Hair loss is a common problem among men in Montreal. Whether it’s genetic or caused by other factors, it can be a source of great distress and concerns for many. Fortunately, there are various hair loss treatment solutions available today, and one of the leading clinics in Montreal is Dermagiz. Dermagiz is a skin care […]

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Before and after dermal fillers in Montreal

As we age, our skin loses its volume and elasticity, causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear. But thanks to modern technology, we can now slow down the aging process and look youthful and refreshed with the help of dermal fillers. Dermagiz, a leading cosmetic clinic in Montreal, offers a range of dermal filler treatments

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Neuromodulators Botox

As we age, our skin becomes loose and loses its elasticity, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. While there are several treatments available, including Neuromodulators Botox in Montreal, Sculptra and Radiesse  are increasingly popular among people who want to rejuvenate their skin. Sculptra and Radiesse are both injectables that stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in

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Skin Booster treatment

As we age, the skin around our neck can begin to sag and lose definition. This can be a source of insecurity for many people, as it can make them look older and feel less confident. At Dermagiz, we understand the importance of feeling good about yourself and your appearance. That’s why we offer a

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