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“Botox” or dermal filler treatment: Which one is best for you?

Wrinkles can undermine self-esteem, which is why more and more people are looking for the best way to achieve soft and firm skin. Dermagiz Medical Aesthetics offers the best treatments to its clients, including Botox” and Dermal Fillers. Each procedure is administered via injection. There are some distinctions between the two that you should be aware of before deciding on one.

“Botox” inhibits nerve signals in charge of movement in the muscle tissue where it is infused. When such nerve signals are blocked, the muscle injected becomes relaxed or unable to contract for a relatively short period (3 to 6 months). Certain wrinkles can be toned down, reduced, or even removed without negatively affecting these specific facial muscles. “Botox” and other botulinum toxin-based treatments are also known as neuromodulators.


The best thing about Botox is that it is both safe and temporary, making it an excellent first choice for people contemplating non-surgical treatments. Even if you experience a minor side effect, it will always fade. It is because nerve endings always rebuild and restore over time. Minor side effects may include bruising or swelling in the affected area, which will go away after a few days.

At DERMAGIZ, we offer neuromodulator treatment to our clients. We are specialists in using neuromodulators available in the market for aesthetic treatments. Our doctor will help you to get rid of the unwanted lines and wrinkles on your face by giving you a smooth, younger look at our affordable prices.

Dermal fillers

Fillers are frequently used to fill defects (depressions or wrinkles) or enhance physical features in many areas of the face. Lip fillers, which use synthetic hyaluronic acid to enhance the volume of your lips, are one of the most popular uses of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are also approved for chin, lower face and infraorbital hollows. Most dermal fillers last between 6 and 9 months (maximum), depending on the patient and the location of the injections.

Dermal fillers are thought to be very safe, but there are more factors to consider than there are with neuromodulators. There are blood vessels and nerves in the treatment areas, and it is critical to understand where they are and how to avoid them. With this treatment, it is critical to be in the best possible hands;  and someone who masters the anatomy is imperative because it can prevent many complications.

At DERMAGIZ, we offer a wide range of treatments to help you achieve a beautiful and fresh appearance. From wrinkle treatments using dermal fillers to anti-aging injections using nuceiva, xeomin and Dysport; or even better a combination of fillers and neruromodulators. We can help you craft the look you want.

Make sure that the health professional treating you is very competent; otherwise, you may have a higher chance of complications or a result that you are unhappy with.

Please book a consultation for Medical Aesthetics at Dermagiz before deciding, and allow our specialist to assess your health and skin conditions to determine the most suitable treatment(s) for you. We will discuss your specific needs and expectations and suggest the best options for a younger-looking appearance.

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