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Obtenez le meilleur traitement pour la perte de cheveux avec Dermagiz Medical Aesthetics

Hair is an expensive asset and most people start realizing it after losing a significant amount of it. Hair loss problems are very common and widely visible among both men and women. Considering the need of every individual suffering from this issue, Dermagiz Medical Aesthetics has come up with effective and affordable hair loss treatments, which will restore your natural hair growth. 

How can Dermagiz Medical Aesthetics help you with this problem?

Dermagiz Medical Aesthetics has helped many customers regain their natural hair and its growth with the right treatment. The treatment is suitable for both male patients and female patients who are suffering from serious hair loss problems. 

Male patients who have started to lose their hair and notice a major loss in the hairline can benefit  from this treatment. Similarly, female patients who are suffering from telogen effluvium or periods of  severe hair loss can avail of this treatment to get the natural growth back. However, in order to proceed with this treatment, there should be follicles present on the scalp. As well, the baldness should be partial. In other words,  the treatment does not work on a completely bald scalp with no hair follicles. 

The treatment includes injecting an extract of the patient’s blood into the scalp that contains coagulation cells. It confers to hair follicles all the necessary growth factors to reverse hair loss. The treatment restores hair and also reduces the risk of further hair loss.

How is the process to obtain a hair loss treatment at Dermagiz Medical Aesthetics?

Offering the best hair loss treatments in Montreal, Dermagiz Medical Aesthetics is well revered for its diagnosis and treatment processes.

Our expert doctor will go through a physical examination, and ask you about your hair care routine, regular diet, medical history as well as genetic history. There are usually some common tests that should be done with your regular primary care doctor before having the treatment to determine if other causes for hair loss are present: Complete blood counting test to rule out anemia, thyroid function test, ferritin to rule out iron deficiency, other hormonal tests to rule out conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

For the treatment, blood has to be withdrawn from one of the veins of your arms. It’s centrifuged with a special technique to obtain a byproduct of your blood rich in growth factors that is injected at the root of your scalp follicles with a special fine needle.  You need between 4 to 6 treatments about 4 weeks apart from each other to see a full effect. After this, you should get a maintenance treatment every 6 months to prevent a relapse. This treatment is both natural and effective!

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