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Syringe Injection by Doctor

How to get ready for your treatment (what to do before)?

Remove your make up before the appointment. This decreases the risk of infections Avoid taking anti-inflammatories the days prior to the treatment since they can increase the risk of bleeding or bruising If you have any chronic condition wait until it’s stable before you get your aesthetic treatment Avoid drinking alcohol the day before the treatment since it can increase your bleeding risk If you are not in good health: you have a cold, or you are getting antibiotics for an acute infection; wait until you are better and finish your treatment to book your appointment If you are coming for dermal fillers, taking arnica pills a few days before the treatment (around 5 days), will help to decrease the risk of bleeding or inflammation. You can buy that online or over the counter at the pharmacy If you are coming for fillers in the lips or microneedling, please let us know as soon as you arrive to the clinic. We will put a numbing cream in your lips or face that takes about 20 minutes to work Let us know if you suffer from herpes labialis (cold sores) or zoster in the face (shingles). If that is the case, we will give you prevention treatment to avoid a flare up triggered by the injections Let the doctor know about your past medical history to the best of your knowledge. That will help us to adjust your treatments, if necessary, predict possible complications and determine your candidacy for certain treatments

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