Syringe Injection by Doctor

Neuromodulator injection

This popular and effective treatment consists in applying small amounts of botulinum toxin type A in a precise manner in the muscles of your face and neck. The application of this medication causes relaxation of the muscles making expression lines less visible and making some wrinkles disappear. It also gives you a fresher and younger looking by giving your skin some shining effect.

Commonly injected areas are:

Injectable medications. Kidney dish with injectable medications in sealed vials and a disposable

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers consist in the injection under the skin of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in your soft tissues, at different depths and concentrations to restore loss of volume due to aging, correct wrinkles and return your skin the glow and freshness that it should have.

Smiling Caucasian lady getting a beauty injection


Skin boosters

This is a form of low concentrated hyaluronic acid, which is very similar to the natural hyaluronic acid of your skin. It can address fine wrinkles, moisturize, and provide glow to your skin; and correct mild volume loss defects.
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PRP (plasma rich in platelets)

This treatment consists in extracting blood from one of your arm veins and centrifugate it with a special technique to separate plasma with platelets (coagulation cells) from the rest of the blood cells. This plasma with platelets also called PRP, contains many growth factors that can restore the different layers of your skin when injected into it. It can improve scarring from acne, can moisturize and provide glow to your skin and help to improve the thickness of your skin.

Areas commonly injected are: face and neck; useful for dark circles below the eyes
Blood test tubes in centrifuge. Plasma preparation in medical h
Hair loss

Hair loss treatment (scalp PRP)

This treatment is suitable for male patients starting to lose their hair or noticing hair loss around the hairline; and for females suffering telogen effluvium (periods of heavy hair loss). This treatment works when there is partial hair loss and there are follicles in the scalp still present. If you are completely bald this treatment is not indicated. The treatment consists in the injection of PRP in your scalp, which provides growth factors to your follicle reversing hair loss and restoring follicles in risk of falling.


It’s a procedure that causes a controlled inflammation in your skin through the creation of skin microchannels using a device that contains a tiny filament. This process allows your skin to increase the blood flow in the treated areas and produce growth factors that naturally restore your skin by making collagen and elastin. This treatment enhances the thickness of your skin and can soften scars from acne and from other causes, for example skin injuries. It’s highly suggested to combine this treatment with topical PRP (PRP applied on the skin) to achieve better results.
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Double chin lipolysis

Device used: Skinpen, (Health Canada and FDA approved for microneedling)

This treatment consists in injecting deoxycholic acid into the fat tissue under your mandible area. This medication literally dissolves your fat in that area and allows your body to naturally eliminate it through physiological mechanisms (through some cells called macrophages). The only indication of this treatment is redundance in the submental fat compartment (double chin)
Female cosmetologist doing filler injections into male chin
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